The Historical Case Of Orenthal James Simpson Or The Juice

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Orenthal James Simpson, also known as O.J., or the Juice. Was born on “July 9, 1947, in San Francisco, California (” Mr. Simpson was a star football player at the University of South California won the Heisman Trophy in 1968. This trophy is awarded annually to the most outstanding player in college football in the United States. He eventually ended up being drafted to the Buffalo Bulls and then with the San Francisco 49ers as a running back for 11 seasons. This gained this young prosperous African American man popularity amongst a diverse group of fans, and set him on the map. As a child Orenthal Simpson grew up in a single parent household with four other siblings. He developed rickets as an infant, which is “a disease …show more content…
Simpson trial is a historical case some may say, while other may say this case gave the Caucasian community a taste of their own medicine. It shows how the criminal justice system is not made to service justice all the time something that those in the minority community are use to. Mr. Simpson was able to build new bridges into the entertainment world for minority individuals, break racial barriers in a way, but eventually fell and left nation in the way that it was already built on. Which is the division between racial groups, feeling as if one race is superior to another and oppression another racial group. Being Black/ African American in a Caucasian dominated world, you will always be labeled as guilty even though you may actually be not guilty. Who actually knows the truth behind this murder case other than the victims, but the truth of the matter is. Even though you maybe able to sit at the same table as a Caucasian individual, when an incident happens the minority individuals are normally the ones to blame, and minorities will never be able to fully be equal to a white man. This racial tension between Caucasians and the African American/ Black community will never fade away, but is an issue that will always be brushed under the

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