Ms. Jabez : Child Neglect And Neglect Of Leaving The Girls Home Alone

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Ms. Jabez is a 30-year-old African American female widow who is the mother of three children comes to Terrell County DFCS services as a referral intake. The first leading factor to the client problem is Ms. Jabez two daughters were removed from her care due to child neglect of leaving the girls home alone. Also, Ms. Jabez reported symptoms of depression and anxiety associated with not having her children and the death of her husband since 2013. Her two daughters were placed with their grandmother, Lucy Snelling, 52-year-old. Next, her most recent child, (Tyler, born (5/1/15) was taken into DFCS custody because of Ms. Jabez tested positive for marijuana at his birth. Ms. Jabez son’s punitive married father per DNA results and wife is seeking custody of Tyler. Ms. Jabez was referred by DFCS for psychological evaluation, parent training, and individual counseling.
Ms. Jabez Current Concerns/Symptoms associated with not having her children:
 Depression
 Anxiety
 Difficulty Performing Daily Activities
 History of learning disabilities and dropping out of school in 10th grade
Frequency: Terrell County DFCS contact is Ms. Jabez first attempt to remedy the problem.
Duration: The Mental Health problems and Marijuana abuse has been an issue for about two years.
Intensity: The problem seems to be severe due to the…

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