Ethical Dilemmas In Foster Care

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Case Study
Up until her recent adoption by the Smith family, most of Renee Adams life took place within the foster care system. Renee’s involvement with the system began at the age of two when neighbors’ complaints about neglect prompted involvement by Child Protective Services (CPS). CPS worked with Renee’s mother for the period of one year but, after repeated failed drug tests and very little progress towards providing a safe environment for Renee, removal to foster care took place. After removal, reunification attempts went on for another year, however, Renee’s mother continued to struggle with addiction and made very little effort to see her child. No attempts were made by CPS to involve Renee’s father as she has had no contact with
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During the first meeting the case manager, adhering to Standard 3 of the National Organization of Human Services (NOHS) ethical code, will thoroughly explain the client right to privacy and confidentiality as well as the limits of both (NOHS, 2015). In addition, discussion about the state’s legal limitations and expectations, as they relate to parental right to know, will occur. Covering these topics with the family is necessary because even though the entire family will take a role in Renee’s intervention she is the primary client, therefore it is essential to take steps that will protect her autonomy. Another point of concern centers on protection of client records. Since the intervention requires therapeutic counseling and coordination for evaluations with Renee’s school great care will be put forth to adhere to Standard 8 of the NOHS ethical code to” protect the integrity, safety, and security of client records. Client information in written or electronic form that is shared with other professionals must have the client 's prior written consent except in the course of professional supervision or when legally obliged or permitted to share such information”. Lastly, barriers or obstacles to client care can occur. In Renee’s case parental failure to provide support of the intervention strategies or disagreement between the family, case manager and additional support providers could

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