Case Study Of Mewbourn And Martinez Family

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Please let this report stand as the progress made by the Mewbourn/Martinez family as witnessed by this writer. Haley Mewbourn (mother), Delilah Martinez (daughter), Nicole Martinez (daughter), Natalie Martinez (daughter), and Carmen Martinez (daughter) were referred for Home-Based Parent Aide Services and Visitation Facilitation by Laporte County DCS on August 19, 2015. Home-Based Parent Aide Services were to include transportation for the client to all court ordered services, parenting education to include the Positive Parenting Curriculum, assisting the client with obtaining and maintaining stable housing, and follow all recommendations provided by client’s therapists on any issues or concerns to assist with stabilizing the irrational behaviors. …show more content…
Haley has continued to be resistant in searching for housing for several reported reasons. Haley verbally expresses that she has lived in the same home throughout the time of the case, which she feels is a stable home. Haley states that the home is stable due to the fact that she has lived in the home for an extended period of time and only departed the home for a couple of weeks due to utilities being unpaid and shut off. Currently, Haley has allowed a friend and her friend’s child to live in the current home with her to assist her with paying the household bills. Haley reports that her dad had purchased and gave her a house that needed to be completely remodeled again indicating that she did not need to search for housing. This writer observed the home when the house was in the clean out stage of remodeling. At that time, the home was not in a habitable condition. The home did not have electrical wires installed, walls in place, or a working restroom. The remodeling project has lasted for several months and as of this writer’s knowledge Haley is continuing to remodel the home as her financial ability allows. Haley has reported doing a majority of the work by herself. This writer has not recently observed the condition of the home, but Haley often states that the home will be complete in the near future. Throughout the case, Haley has also indicated that her father will be giving her a mobile home to live in, but this has not occurred as of this time. This writer has engaged Haley in conversation regarding the definition of appropriate safe housing including the financial obligations of the home being met, illegal activity not occurring in the home, and the importance of the home being free of domestic violence. Haley has the ability to define appropriate safe housing, but has not implemented creating an appropriate safe home for the children at this

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