Motivation And The Other Being Communication Essay

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As I reflect back on all of the information that I have learned throughout the course there are two concepts that I have gained insightful knowledge about, on being motivation and the other being communication. Within my current role as a Director of Admissions and Marketing both concepts are used within my facility on a daily basis not only within our management team, but among the entire staff. As stated within the text Motivation refers to forces that energize, direct, and sustain an individual’s efforts (Snell, 2013). Communication is another key factor in a work environment. Communication is the transmission of information and meaning from one party to another through the use of shared symbols (Snell, 2013). On a day to day basis there is consistent communication between managers, but mainly from myself as I am the role that is constantly bringing in new patients and within my role I am responsible for not only relaying their medical diagnosis and history but also relaying person information, such as prior living situation and function, to the appropriate managers. Following my release of information the managers are then responsible to communicating to their staff in regards to admissions or any updates that I may have for them. When I look at motivation as a whole there is so much more to how to deal with employees than what I had thought prior to this course. The company I work for and specifically my facility try and motivate the staff as much as we can. Within…

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