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Define the research Problem
Because of their brainstorming, they are able to restate management’s question: “What should be done to improve the CompleteCare program for MindWriter product repairs and servicing?” After exploration, Myra and Jason brainstorm the following research and investigative questions:
Research Questions
1. Should the technical representative be given more intensive training, or not?
2. Should ABC Courier Service be replaced with an overnight air transport service, or not?
3. Should the repair-diagnostic and repair-sequencing operations be modified, or not?
4. Should the return packaging be modified to include premolded rigid foam inserts, conforming-expanding foam protection, or neither?
5. Should metropolitan
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They also want to do in-depth interviews with the service manager, the call center manager, and the independent package company’s account executive to determine if they are on the right track with their investigative questions. These people will be able to

In their post-Austin brainstorming session (see Exhibit 3–4), Jason and Myra hypothesized several possible problems that could have resulted from the complaints in customer letters. Some problems are not as correctable as others (e.g., correcting parts shortages might not be within MindWriter’s immediate control, but improving tech-line operator training clearly is). If MindWriter does not maintain a database of complaints, an exploratory study might have to be undertaken to determine which category of complaints is most troublesome. Incorrectly defining the research question is a fundamental weakness in the research process. Time and money can be wasted studying an alternative that won’t help the manager rectify the dilemma.
One of the letters Jason reads on the flight back to Florida from the MindWriter meeting in Austin describes the deplorable condition of a MindWriter laptop upon delivery to the customer. After consulting Gracie, Jason and Myra identify several credible options:
• Reinforce the shipping carton with rigid foam inserts (in place of the current plastic sling) to prevent damage to the laptop case during shipping.
• Use conforming-expanding foam insulation in the

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