Michael Oher: The Destruction Of The American Dream

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Michael Oher had a rough time growing up, his mother was a drug addict who couldn't care for him and his father was always in prison. Because of that situation he was put in foster care at the age of seven and lacked education during his childhood growing up. This was the reality of Michaels life. But it all changed because Michael Oher was still able to achieved the American dream by not giving up after many setbacks, and accomplishing many great feats in football.
Michael spent most of his childhood homeless and in foster care. Being with mom in her condition would have ruined his life. In this fractured and unstable environment, as one of thirteen siblings, Oher grew up frequently hungry, poorly clothed (Contemporary). At the age of eleven Michael decided he did not want a life of drugs and crime, so he moved out(Gale).
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Michael has attended 11 different schools during his first nine years as a student(Biography.com). When Michael turned sixteen a man named Tony Henderson tried to get Michael enrolled into a christian school but was rejected. The principle later reconsidered, thinking about Oher's prospects were better in a school environment than on the streets(Gale). After being accepted Michael was not allowed to play anysports until he proved he could handle the academics(Gale). Since Michael was unusually quiet in class no one bothered to get close to him. The teachers later realized they would have to try something different in order to help Michael(Gale). After they started giving Michael his tests orally his grades have started to improve allowing him to participate in sports. Soon after Michael was playing football, basketball and more. With the setback of not doing well in school he was still able to make it through high

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