The Challenges Of The American Dream

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The American Dream, or promise of freedom and equal opportunities, is still accessible to all Americans because America rewards hard working citizens that can better their lives by going through pain and hardships to achieve success.

To begin, the American Dream gives all Americans an opportunity to achieve freedom and success, but citizens have to be determined to put in hard work and go through pain and suffering to accomplish it. In the poem “Europe and America”, David Ignatow explains how the father went through misery and torture, but fought through it to try and make his son’s life better. Throughout his life, the father faced many difficult challenges compared to his son, who explains that “While I am bedded upon soft green money
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In the poem “Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper” Martin Espada was faced with very poor working conditions that put her through pain, but she fought through it to earn money and be able to succeed in her future. She explains how the glue would sting until her hands were oozing and burning. This shows the torture and suffering and the very harsh working conditions that she went through at work to earn the money to be able to attend law school. Furthermore, this connects to the story “Robert Acuna Talks About Farm Workers” by Studs Terkel because it shows that in order to accomplish in life, people have to realize that everything is not just handed to you. Also, because it shows how Cesar Chavez had poor working conditions and had many struggles on the farm, but went on strike to speak out for equal rights because he wanted to become a first class patriotic citizen. The simple things in life don’t always come easy and people have to learn to put in the work and be able to appreciate what they have done to deserve freedom and equality. He explain that once, “There were times when I felt I couldn’t take it anymore. It was 105 in the shade and I’d seen endless rows of lettuce and I felt my back hurting … I felt the frustration of not being able to get out of the fields” (Turkel, 75). This shows how the workers were treated very …show more content…
Acuna described that on the farm they don’t treat the workers with any respect and don’t even care if their workers die. Also, he explained that “In fact, they treat their implements better and their domestic animals better. They have heat and insulated barns for the animals but the workers live in beat-up shacks with no heat at all” (Terkel, 75). If Americans have no opportunity to try new things in life, how will they ever be able to achieve their American Dream if they are forced to work on the farm all day with harsh working conditions and long hours with no freedom at all.
In conclusion, the American dream is a promise of freedom and equality in a new and better life. Every citizen either born and raised in America or immigrating to America has the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Citizens have to be willing to go through hardships and suffering in life to earn money and work for success. All men and women that actually put in hard work and determination, and do not just take everything in life for granted, will achieve in the future and become successful in

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