Speech: The American Dream

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America the Dream
The American Dream is a matter of perception. It is what you as an individual perceive it to be. I believe that with the right motivation and proper guidance, the American dream is possible. In today’s society, more opportunities for a higher education are provided for us but so few are eager to take it. Programs such as FAFSA are resources provided to us in order to give us that extra push we need in further educating ourselves, but to some it still isn’t enough to consummate their dream. The American Dream is still attainable to those who pursue it. From the speech “Keynote Address to the 2004 Democratic National Convention” by Barack Obama, he states “Our pride is based on a very simple premise, summed up
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Rather than working hard in back breaking labor, others may not understand the struggle you go through and just acknowledge the success in your attainment. In the poem “ Europe and America” by David Ignatow, he states “ ...my father who lives on a bed of anguish for his daily bread, and I who tear money at leisure by the roots…”. The author’s focus in this stanza is to assure the reader that some may take advantage of your work and live off the success unknowingly. I believe this to be precise given that I have acknowledged the hard work and dedication my parents put in to assure that my sisters and I have a secure and fulfilling future, yet have taken advantage with material items as “necessities”such as smartphones, clothes, shoes etc. However, I have gracefully realized the love and support behind and am motivated by it. From the short story “America and I” by Anzia Yezierska, she says “Here I was to be free from the dead drudgery for bread that held me down in Russia. For the first time in America, I’d cease to be a slave of the belly. I’d be a creator, a giver, a human being! My work would be the living job of fullest self-expression.” The American Dream is different to everyone, some people want to give back, given by their background and struggles, to give the community essentially hope and guidance through their …show more content…
For example, in the excerpt “Why Most People Will Never Achieve The American Dream” by Glenn Llopis, the key focus is that Americans are unwilling to put in the hard work and have the persistence to achieve their goals and as a result the American Dream is out of reach and no longer an option for them. As the author states “The new American Dream is no longer about pursuing opportunity- but learning how to earn the right to both see it and seize it” his purpose is to show guidance and a different perception of pursuing the American Dream. From the article “Is the American Dream Still Possible?” by David Wallechinsky, he states “The traditional American Dream is based on the belief that hard working citizens can better their lives, pay their monthly bills without worry, give their children a start to an even better life and still save enough to live comfortably after they retire. But many average Americans are struggling-squeezed by rising costs, declining wages, credit card debt and diminished benefits, with little left over to save for retirement”(55). Along with a further quote from the poem “Money” by Dana Gioia, she states “Chock it up, fork it over, shell it out. Watch it burn holes through your pockets.”(69). I believe America is at it’s lowest due to the government and the corporations linked to it and as a result the economy becomes lower and unattainable, but not impossible. Americans

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