Mgt 585 Sqm Implementation Essay

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Scott Johnson, Northeastern State University
David Kern, Northeastern State University
Katie Haight, Northeastern State University
Ryan Haight, Northeastern State University
This case is designed for the study of leadership and organizational change within a unit of a larger organization. As such it provides an important learning experience for students who are already managers or who aspire to that level of responsibility. The primary learning opportunities address building a vision at the unit level, restructuring for success, overcoming resistance to change internally and across other units of a larger corporation, building support with powerful sponsors,
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The Board CRA committee, whose members included the chairman of the board and the
CEO, met quarterly to review the status of compliance in this area, an indication of the strategic issues involved. As a member of this committee, Steve Bradshaw had observed two additional concerns. The CRA Department was not profitable, and had not met BOK Financial
Corporation’s expectations in serving the community. He had seen enough of the problems to know that the current approach was not working, and that little change could be expected under the existing structure.
Steve acted quickly in addressing the leadership of the department. The new leader would have to be a self-starter and work with minimal direction. Due to the poor reputation of the department and the necessity of building cooperation with the business units, a candidate would have to understand the bank’s internal culture, work across organizations and interact with senior executives. The idea of bringing in a compliance expert from the outside was discarded quickly. There were no obvious internal candidates. Paula Bryant-Ellis, although no longer with bank, fit the requirements of the position. She had worked in the high pressure lending activity, which operated under Steve Bradshaw’s direction. Paula also had gained experience in another bank and had recently been

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