Mgt 415 Final Paper

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Organization and Structure in a Business Setting
Derek Aguilar
MGT 415
Danielle Camacho
June 3, 2013

Organization and Structure in a Business Setting

Structure and organization is necessary in every group setting. How formal and how rigid that structure is, can be dependent on the type of organization. A large government or corporation will obviously have many layers of leadership and will have a definitive expression of authority and direction of its members. Even much smaller groups, a family for example, has a need to have a clear statement of goals and responsibilities, and also have a definitive structure of leadership. The success of each organization, regardless of the size, is wholly reliant on the
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The immediate supervisors can use trust and relationship building exercises to improve the communication of the team. If the members of the team are familiar with one another on a more personal level, they will be more willing to seek each other out for help and the level of teamwork within the department will also increase (Johnson, 1984).
I also noticed a need for each department to more open with one another. The building has a number of goals and responsibilities to reach each and every day and each of these impacts each department differently. The individual departments seem to operate independently of each other and this can cause serious problems throughout the day that can compound long-term. For example, if the Inbound department is looking to trend very heavy on a certain day, there should be communication with the other departments to make sure that they can also handle the increase of volume. It is great if one department can succeed, but not at the expense of the success of the other departments. Bottlenecks in efficiency lead to lower productivity and will demand a greater need for wage hours that will negatively impact the budget. It would be effective to have a process in place that would bring the leaders of each department together in regular intervals throughout the day to discuss the goals for the day, the projected

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