Mercedes Benz Essay

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Case Study: Mercedes Benz Passenger Cars in India

Author: Aditya Kumar
Date: 11/07/2009


Mercedes Benz Passenger Cars and smart (herein referred as Mercedes) is one of 5 divisions of the Daimler group, the leading Germann automaker. Daimler is a large organisation that had EUR149.6 billion in revenue and 365,600 employees in 2006.
Within its microenvironment, the company’s marketing effort is well supported and coordinated by other departments. Mercedes produces in 104 countries and sells its cars in 200 countries through 13,000 sales outlets. It recently appointed a single ad agency for the marketing programme of its entire range of products. Its primary customer market includes individual consumers while
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Theoretical Framework and Methodology: Both theories in points 1 and 2 above are described in the marketing textbook by Kotler et al. MICROENVIRONMENT
Overall, the Daimler AG Group achieved revenues of EUR 149.6 billion, employing 365,600 employees worldwide in 2006. Being such a large-scale organisation, it is intricately involved in several processes and organisations close to the company, including its own internal environment that affects its ability to serve its customers.
Company: The company’s various divisions work closely together to support the integrated marketing communication approach the company is increasingly undertaking for all of its products. More specifically, it has invested heavily in R&D (EUR 6.2 billion overall) to maintain its superiority in innovating new technologies for the luxury car market. The Mercedes group’s operating profit of EUR 3 billion in 2006 has provided a tremendous boost to its marketing efforts.

Marketing Intermediaries: Daimler AG has production houses in 104 countries and it controls their operations through subsidiaries, such as on behalf of the Mercedes Car Group in Mercedes Benz India Ltd. Most of these companies are 100% owned. Its distributors in about 200 countries range from regional large organisations such as Cycle and Carriage (Southeast Asia) to small, fragmented distributors such as T and T Motors Pvt. Ltd. Is operating in various states in India. The Mercedes

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