Mercedes Benz Swot, Segmentation, 4p's Essay

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SWOT Analysis

As for sure, Mercedes-Benz is a well-known vehicle business throughout the world. It is a global leader in premium cars and has a strong brand value. Hence, the strengths would be a lot than I expected. The brand reputation is the obvious strength for this company. Mercedes Benz is a famous German brand of premier automobile manufacturers in the world which is good in producing automobiles, buses, coaches and truck. It is also the world’s oldest company, which offers these type of vehicles and they are comfortable and safety. On the other hand, Mercedes Car Group has increased 2006 sales to record 1,260,600 passengers vehicle all around the world, hence the market knowledge and market share are also one of the
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Mercedes Benz has brought in the psychographic segmentation and benefit segmentation to better identify the market. For the psychographic segmentation, what Mercedes Benz is trying to do now is determine how the targeted Mercedes Benz customer wants to be perceived, what he looks like and what his lifestyle and values are. However, Mercedes Benz’s target market is the premium car market, therefore the Mercedes Benz serves a certain segment within the premium car market. By looking at the different product ‘Class’ individually, it can be perceived from the way how Mercedes Benz presents itself, that it basically targets at the educated, rich, high-end, open minded and sportive individual, who knows how to enjoy life. We now proceed with the benefit segmentation approach. Mercedes Benz targets at people who enjoy driving well accomplishment cars, people who search for the “ultimate driving experience” and love feeling the blowing wind in their hair. Thus, the benefit of driving a Mercedes Benz, along with being owner of a stylish car, is the smoothness and peace, the pleasure of driving. Mercedes Benz is trying to compete itself with other premium car brands, they want to create its own distinct image and stresses on the ‘gourmet’ qualities of the Mercedes Benz driver.

Product Strategy
After all these years of evolution and development, Mercedes

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