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Mercedes-Benz is a German automotive company that dates back to the early 1900’s. In 1901, Karl Benz started the Mercedes-Benz company. Though he had previously built his first automobile in 1886, The Mercedes-Benz brand was not established till 1901. In the first year of the company’s existence, Karl Benz released his first Mercedes. The European market did not gravitate to the idea, thus it had very little success. With limited success, Karl Benz decided to merge with Daimler to help develop a better automobile. In 1926, they released the
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Since that time, Mexico has pursued additional trade agreements with a host of other countries and has become less dependent on the United States. From a legal standpoint, Canada’s legal system resembles the Anglo-American traditions. Canadian laws and principles closely resemble those of the United States and the UK. The British Common Law still applies. The Canadian government exercises the principle that the laws that govern must be clear and rational, and any accused must be proven guilty through the recognized judicial system. Mercedes-Benz 5 The legal system of Mexico is highly evolved and organized, and functions properly. Its origins are based on Greek, Roman and French legal systems. Any foreign country doing business in Mexico must deal with the Mexican legal system, even if they do not have business presence in Mexico. The Chinese legal system resembles the legal systems of Europe than that of common law. The concerns of the state take precedence over private matters. Private matters are treated incidentally. There is also no connection between law and religion. Nor is there court system by which disputes between individuals can advance to legal claims. The legal system only exists to serve the interest of the state. Political risk can exist within the countries where Mercedes-Benz operates.

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