Grandma Depakote Case Studies

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On 8/16/17 I Met Etwan and his Grandmother at the office of Dr. Pelshaw. They were early and waiting when I arrived at the appointment. Grandmother reports that she has him about 50% of the time in her home. Dr. Pelshaw said the Concerta did not get picked up by Ms. Edwards until 7/26/17. Per Grandmother Ms. Edwards has never sent medications with Etwan when he is at her house so we are still not sure he is consistently taking anything. The Depakote prescription should have been refilled back in May 2017. The internal case manager from Rainbow reports that Etwan has improved in regards to his behavior and they are going to decrease him from a one on one to only a one on one when he is out in the community. The behavioral therapist Ms. Miller has not been able to make or keep appointments with Ms. Edwards. We will instruct her to contact the Grandmother as she agreed to help with that. Grandmother also reports a frequent urination since the accident. Dr. Pelshaw is going to rule out an infection first then he may need to see a pediatric urologist. Dr. Pelshaw would like to increase the Concerta to see if that helps with the attention. We had a lengthy discussion with the Grandmother regarding Etwans poor attendance at Rainbow, transportation issues, medication issue, and Ms. Edwards not following through with appointments. She said she is going to take over more care to give him stability. We provided her with a list of upcoming appointments. Etwan was very polite today. …show more content…
I had texted Ms. Edwards prior to the meeting date as a reminder of the team meeting. Ms. Edwards did not show or call for the team meeting. At this meeting, we were hoping to address his medications. There have been no refills on the Depakote since May, and Grandmother reports she has him 50% of the time and he has never been sent with any medications. Grandmother had to work and was unable to attend the

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