Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal Essay

840 Words Jan 26th, 2015 4 Pages
Medically prescribed marijuana has a beneficial effect on patients who suffer from certain diseases, both by treating disease symptoms and by moderating the unpleasant side effects of the treatment. As a result, it can improve a patient 's quality of life, and indirectly help to promote positive responses to treatment. The government should legalize medical marijuana in all fifty states. Dating back 5,000 years ago, marijuana had been used in several countries as ways to treat a wide variety of conditions. A Chinese emperor, Shen Nung, would prescribe marijuana for malaria, constipation, absent-mindedness, and even menstrual cramps. Some people in ancient India viewed marijuana as a gift from the Gods where it was used to lower fevers and relieve dysentery. It was also used throughout the Middle East and down the eastern coast of Africa for religious purposes and stress relief. Since the early 1900s, many countries have passed laws against the possession, farming, or transfer of marijuana for recreational use. These laws have negatively affected the use of marijuana for non-recreational purposes, including medical marijuana. Marijuana was placed under Schedule 1 Controlled Substances in the Controlled Substance Act in 1972. Schedule 1 controlled substances are considered to have no accepted medical use in the United States, lack of accepted medical safety under medical supervision, and has a high potential for abuse. Marijuana is a drug that comes from the dried and cut…

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