Medical Marijuana Informative Speech

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To form opinions about medical marijuana, or even recreational marijuana, I feel you have to know the history of how it became illegal. It all started in the early 1900’s just after the Mexican Revolution; Mexican immigrants started coming into the US into Texas and Louisiana. Since they started coming in, of course, they brought their customs with them. At this time cannabis was used for medicines and a relaxant. Mexican immigrants called the plant “marihuana” and since Americans weren’t familiar with the term, they became frightened.
The media (go figure-that’s when it started) stirred those fears about cannabis and Mexican immigrants. People didn’t realize that marihuana and cannabis were the same and that they were already using it in
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There have been some animal studies for epilepsy patients that has proposed that THC and its psychoactive chemicals in cannabis help with seizures. Glaucoma patients have found that smoking marijuana helps with the pressure inside the eyes. HIV/AIDs patients have shown weight gain twice as much as those that were given a placebo. Cannabis has also helped MS patients by decreasing muscle stiffness and helped with pain. Speaking of pain, it helps with the perception of pain and reduces chronic …show more content…
If cannabis helped people survive all those years ago (5000-year history to be exact) it can help them now. The only reason that it was outlawed is because people got confused because it was named something different. That to me is the stupidest reason to ban something.
Currently, 28 of our 50 states and have legalized medical marijuana. I strongly believe that marijuana needs to be legalized at both the state and federal levels. I feel that way because it’s no worse than alcohol in my eyes. Alcohol has been a huge problem- drunk drivers swerving everywhere on the roads and hitting people, just for the drunk driver to walk away. Marijuana does alter people’s cognitive abilities, but I don’t think it’s any worse than alcohol. I think some people that have decided against cannabis doesn’t understand what it can do for

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