Media 's Influence On Society Essay

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Mass media is a powerful element as it creates a huge influence on the population in various techniques. For instance, advertising can subconsciously impact a person’s life rapidly, and they are avoidable as they appear on television, magazines, newspapers, buses and in buildings. An advert aims at achieving a certain objective in a product over another as it demonstrates how a direct association with a product expresses an individual’s worth. Therefore, media is essential in determining various human features, for instance, dreams, fears, identities, ambitions, and hope. It has an influence on everybody because it is extensive and so fast hence its perception culture towards women is misinterpreted. The culture of the United States contains pervasion of information spread by the mass media, and the women are the most affected. It is because media portrays negative impression concerning women hence, the perception is observed daily in various channels of communication. The perceptions demonstrated by the media are at times not accurate as they have certain objectives which in turn affect the society and specifically women. The paper evaluates how women shift their self-perception with regards to the media and how it affects their lives.
An identity is an essential element to every individual as the media always contains its target audience and without a cultural identity value of an individual reduces. In advertisements, the information that the media portrays is that we…

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