Media Coverage Of The Columbine Mass Murder Essay

1092 Words Dec 14th, 2016 5 Pages
To be mentally ill, is to be incapable of measuring a situation which would normally considered to be bad to be wrong to do. Resembling a flu, many people take on a “Contagion Effect” when others do obscenities such as mass shootings It has been proven that “mass shooters have themselves admitted to be inspired by media coverage of violence” in the case of the Columbine mass murder one of the culprits admitted this. In his journal he wrote that he wished to create a phenomenon similar to the Los Angeles Riots, the Oklahoma Bombings, World War II, and Vietnam. Their desire was to leave some sort of impression on the world and thought of themselves as a higher power than just being ordinary people. The media coverage on that story sparked others to commit similar heinous crimes. They described the tragedy as gruesome as it was, though, some caused similar tragedies due to all the attention and discussion that the act committed gave to the people, which made them feel or hope that they had a higher power due to the coverage that they were able to or wanted to obtain. Guns create fear not only for the general public but “criminals really, really, really don 't want to get shot...When you pass strict gun control laws, you take the fear of getting shot away and criminals tend to flourish” says Michael Snyder from Infowars. Therefore, stricter gun laws causes people who are armed and want to cause harm a sense of safety rather than the people that are intended to be protected by…

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