Mba 510 Problem Statement Essay

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Problem Solution: USA World Bank

University of Phoenix
March 7, 2009
Terry Dunning
Problem Solution: USA World Bank
USA World Bank is a global major bank with branches located nationwide. Usa World Bank enjoys success in several worldwide ventures as well as a large consumer and small business customer base. Most recently USA World Bank has not achieved much success through their new product roll-outs, which is important in that this success allows them to remain competitive in the marketplace. USA World Bank is feeling the pressure to develop a new product in hopes of keeping their current client base as well as gaining interest and attracting new clients. One of the main issues
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The management team and Board of Directors interests in the organizations are to increase market share and profitability. Manager’s and Board of Directors reserve the right to conduct strategic planning within the organization while incorporating organizational values such as team building, employee loyalty and customer loyalty. The employees of USA World Bank interests include employee recognition and rewards, the right to fair and equal treatment including wages, benefits and work environment. Employees have the right to incorporate personal values that will enhance career opportunities and ensure equal treatment and fair compensation. The stockholders’ interest in USA World Bank is to increase profits. They have the right to cast vote on corporate issues and values to ensure effective and efficient productivity. The customers’ interest is in valued service and products. Customers have the right to expect superb customer service and quality products.
Problem Statement USA World Bank will increase sales through the expansion into new markets and the development of new products and services based on samples that are representative of target market. By studying the design of the research plan defined in the United States, USA World bank may be able to mimick a successful roll-out as well in these new markets.

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