Mastering Teacher Leadership Essay

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Mastering Teacher Leadership
This case is about a multistage, communication study of teachers by Wittenberg
University’s Department of Education to determine the viability of starting a
Master of Education program for Ohio-certified teachers working within school districts serving a five-county area.


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Pamela S. Schindler

Ohio legislators recently implemented new standards for those wishing to teach within Ohio’s public and private schools. Teachers certified to teach in Ohio in 2002 or later will need to complete a master’s degree before obtaining their second licensure renewal. New teachers, therefore, will have a five- to seven-year window to
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Wittenberg, historically, has not offered a graduate degree in education, but it has offered graduate degrees in its nationally recognized music program and, until the mid-1980s, in its theology program. Wittenberg sees the change in Ohio Teacher
Certification Standards as an opportunity for its Center for Professional Development (WittCPD), a program of professional development courses designed to fulfill the continuing education requirements of teachers in the area.
Central Ohio is rich with high quality universities. Within a 30-minute drive of Wittenberg’s campus, undergraduate teacher education programs can be found at Wright State University (WSU), the University of Dayton (UD), Urbana College,

Business Research Methods, 11e, Cooper/Schindler


Mastering Teacher Leadership

Cedarville College, Wilberforce University, and Central State University. WSU and
UD currently offer Master of Arts degrees in teaching. WSU offers continuing education programs that fulfill professional development programs.
Increased turnover is also expected to be a motivating factor contributing to increased enrollment in university development programs. Ohio’s schoolteacher turnover is expected to increase due to the aging of the teacher population, incentive buyout programs designed to encourage aging teachers to retire, and the need to hire experienced teachers in the hard-to-fill math and science

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