The Importance Of Education In Germany And The United States

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The education of the next generation is perhaps the most vital task of every society. If you cannot pass on the knowledge you gain to those who come after, then your learning of it is pointless. Conceivably, this is why so many see an education system as a principal part of any nation. From this, neither Germany nor the United States are exempt, and as both strive to create the perfect picture of education, their methods are more often drastically different than startlingly similar. From the teachers, to the methods of education, to the types of education offered, both countries hold it upon themselves to ensure that the children of today become the brilliant minds that will lead tomorrow’s success. In the USA, teachers must have a Bachelor’s degree and must complete a teacher training program to become licensed. This usually involves a number of hours spent as a student-teacher, and four years at …show more content…
To guarantee that class can continue even in the event of the teacher’s absence, a complicated system of substitute teachers exists in the USA, but Germany’s system is much easier. Except in cases of extended nonattendance, if a teacher if missing, his or her class is dismissed. And unlike the USA, where teachers stay in specific grade levels to teach the same subject to a different group of students each year, teachers in Germany stay with one class from the start of their secondary school carrier until their graduation, and then return to the youngest students in the school to start the cycle again. Another divergence between the US and German school systems lies in how each country handles homeschooling. While American parents regularly decide to homeschool their children for religious, personal, or other reasons, Germany requires that all children attend either a private or public school. In these schools, religion can be taught with the parent’s consent, but they cannot exempt their child from sex education or evolution

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