Mass Medi How It Reflects Men And Women Essay

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Mass Media: How it Reflects Men and Women We live in a vastly digital and consumer world. Everything we do everywhere we go, we are enveloped by media. There are new products, new social medias, new advertisements, and new technology every year and everything is improving on a regular basis. And everything has an advertisement, unless you’re paying for the service or product I guarantee you’ll have some sort of advertisement appearing in front of you or off to the side of what you’re doing. Whether it be a billboard on the side of the highway, a random website on the internet, or an application on your phone there’ll be one. Typically, in advertisements gender differential is very prominent. Men and women are portrayed very particularly, they have specific traits and stereotypes that are very universal throughout the advertisement industry. Advertisements play a heavy roll in our decision making process when it comes to choosing a product. Advertisements give us a mental picture of what we’re purchasing. They provide a physical image of the product and show them under a certain light that explains the product and leaves a persona of the product. Advertisements perceive their products in specific ways to help sell the product and make it more appealing to the given consumer, they perceive them as masculine, feminine, strong, attractive, and so on. Most consumer claim they don’t buy products for any particular reason but in reality they subconsciously do exactly that.…

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