Mascara Advertisement Analysis

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This Covergirl® Mascara Ad from Seventeen Magazine, the February 2015 Issue, the month of Valentine’s Day, is geared towards teens as the name of the magazine suggests. Featured on this ad is Katy Perry, a teen icon sporting all pink everything. From the flowers to her eyeshadow, she is even tinted pink. There are many bold words printed in capital letters in pink, black and white, but not many long sentences. This screams “teen” and “girly” so much you are practically blinded by it.
The one major point that caught my attention was Katy’s eyes, mine went right to them. They are out of this world. They almost look like Earth with their color. When I saw this ad it immediately struck me as perfect, being a teen myself I loved the ad with its
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This ad is completely, with no question, effective in targeting teenage girls because, its pink, all pink everywhere. I go back to the pink many times because most of this ad is indeed pink. The targeted audience is meant to get an even more youthful, beautiful, and flawless eyelash and face just from the mascara. She has pouty, kissable lips who even with all the pink could also have sex appeal to guys. The big gain from this mascara is you can be a famous pop singer just like your favorite one, Katy Perry.
This ad plays on all three of the Rhetorical Appeals; ethos, pathos, and logos. By using a celebrity as the spokeswoman of this mascara, ethos is the first appeal that a reader would notice. We tend to trust celebrities that we see often and find do great things, even though we do not actually know them we believe that what they say is the best. Katy Perry stares at you opened mouthed as though to say “I am looking quite fabulous with this mascara, don’t you want to also?” Because this ad’s audience is teens it promotes that if Katy Perry can have flawless lashes and a flawless career we can

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