Mayo Clinic Case Study

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As the need for marketing wellness and prevention programs increase in organizations, there is need for the organizations to apply the right health promotion programs to ensure that accountability and quality standards are maintained. The transformation of the health care system should be crucial in promoting the health of individuals and preventing diseases as well as rehabilitating individuals through a model for promoting the health of the communities.
From an analysis of Mayo Clinic’s wellness program, a lot needs to be done to improve the program. This would include raising the level of community involvement as well as forming partnerships with other like-minded organizations and individuals. The clinic could benefit by promoting events
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Improvements to the Wellness and Prevention Marketing Program
The wellness and prevention plan can be improved through interactive, web-based self-management programs ranging from the simple exercise of researching information on the symptoms of a disease to taking part in a virtual health coaching activities. This would be designed to increase the number of members on the program and thus reach extra audience to help manage their health through online means. This should enable the program to cover all the complex and costly health issues faced by the people of the Florida community.
Mayo Clinic should also provide information to the target audience that would assist in triggering personalized and interactive programs through provision of education at the right care moments, motivating the target audience to participate through action-oriented and evidence-based content. Moreover, the program should engage the target audience through an ongoing dialogue about their health in interactive forums providing customized information depending on the target audience
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This would assist the participants to get education about any looming health risks. Mayo clinic may also opt for programs with short-term benefits, such as weight loss initiatives for chronic disease patients, guidance and counseling for juvenile offenders and petty criminals. The short-term programs would thus see the organization financial goals start to materialize within a short time. The clinic would also want to substitute such intervention with those that provide more immediate benefits, for instance improving women’s prenatal care and sexual health, enhancing consumer behavior, and use of seat belts to reduce preventable accidents.
Marketing the Program
The wellness and prevention program can be marketed using brochures for distribution to peer support groups to help the target audience get the intended message. This would assist in promoting a healthy lifestyle, wellness, and recovery thereby mitigating the identifiable physical and behavioral health risks and prevent the onset of the diseases faced by the target audience. Through adequate training, personal experiences, support and guidance as well as adequate opportunities for social support and networking would assist in reaching more people who may not have heard about the program.

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