Homeless Black Males Case Study

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Homeless Black males face health care problems in our society where they are over-represented in the homeless and the Veteran populations too. Some of the problems they face can be prevented by implementing primary health care promotion. They face lice disease that has reached epidemic proportions, and problems with their feet and skin that could be reduced dramatically if given this care. (Stratigos, 1999; Rault, 2012). Homeless Black males include those living in shelters and living on the streets in subways, bus stations, and other types of non-permanent or temporary
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The purpose of this essay is to discuss the current health status of this minority group and the disparities they face, how they define health promotion, and to describe one plan of primary care that could benefit them the most.

HEALTH STATUS, DISPARITIES, AND PROMOTION - HOMELESS BLACK MALES The Centers for Disease Control defines well-being as “a positive outcome that is meaningful for people and for many sectors of society, because it tells us that people perceive that their lives are going well.” (https://www.cdc.gov/hrqol/wellbeing.htm). It is hard to imagine any group could define health promotion without incorporating this concept too. Health promotion is defined by the Institute for Work & Health (2016) as having three levels of health care: primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. Primary Prevention includes measures taken to provide people with knowledge of disease prevention before the onset of disease itself, by providing communities with information on
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Homeless Black males must also endure prolonged standing, inadequate foot wear, and the inability to practice basic hygiene. Many skin diseases are spread due to lack of proper hygiene, including lice, scabies and bed bugs. They are also at greater risk for HIV and mental health problems, and are subjected to more violence than the rest of society. These are some of the problems facing the homeless Black male, add to disparities that already exist among ethnic groups, and prevent them from being able to perceive their lives as better, or as “going well.” The disparities and problems of the homeless Black male could be improved by incorporating primary health care into their lives. This would include proper footwear, access to clean clothing, and a place where they can practice proper hygiene. Their lives can also be dramatically increased by finding a shelter where they can reside, as opposed to living on the

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