Marketing Strategy Of KFC And Nanndos

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What is marketing?
Marketing is the activities a business partakes in, in order to reach its target market, different mediums can be used to help reach and engage with the target market. The purpose of marketing is to convince the desired customers of the products and services being offered with the aim of selling them in order to make a profit and to make the business successful.

The purpose of this primary research task is to compare the marketing strategies of KFC to Nando’s, by analyzing their adverts and the way in which they aim to reach their target markets through the adequate place, promotion, price and products to satisfy needs and wants of consumers.

I will be able to determine which company is more successful
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He recognized the potential of expansion and this was when the first Kentucky Fried Chicken opened in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1952. KFC was one of the first fast-food chains to globalize internationally and was the first Western chain to open in China, which is now KFC’s largest market containing 8 990 outlets out of the 18 875 outlets. KFC now falls under the Yum Brands division and has 18, 875 outlets in 118 countries.

KFC is an international fast food chain restaurant that specializes in American fried chicken. Today it is South Africa’s favorite fast food chain that has throughout the country 840 stores. Chicken fast food stores outnumber all other food categories such as burgers, pizza, fish and other, making chicken South Africa’s favorite fast food stores.

KFC is South Africa’s most popular fast food
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The CEO of KFC’s holding company visited South Africa in the late 1960’s and was surprised to find a more developed country that he originally thought, he decided to launch KFC in South Africa and the first store opened in 1971. Due to success in the South African market, KFC decided to expand into neighboring countries and the rest of Africa.


The history and background to Nando’s is an interesting and colourful one and proudly South African. It is located locally and globally. Created in 1897 in Rosettenville Johannesburg by Fernando Duarte who asked his friend to come to a small eatery and try some flame grilled Portuguese chicken. A sauce was created after Bird’s Eye chili was discovered. Nando’s secret to success is their fresh grilled chicken grilled in a butterfly technique, own special peri-peri sauce. Nando’s has a grocery store range of sauces and spices. Nando’s is Portuguese styled grilled

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