Marketing Strategy Of Coca Cola Essay

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• Marketing defined by the AMA is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Means … and marketing defined by means… marketing is effectively promoting goods and services, providing customers with the products they want.
• This essay will define what marketing is and how companies such as Coca-Cola have used various different marketing strategies to maintain success in the business markets well before and into the 21st Century.
• These marketing concepts examined in this essay are as follows the marketing mix 4P’s, branding. This essay will also discuss the importance of adopting these marketing concepts for other companies to use to help their businesses perform well.
Paragraph 2

• Marketing Mix – the Marketing mix is the different choices that a business has to make once a product is made available to the market. The text defines the marketing mix as“ the combination of the major tools of marketing”(Borden, 1964). Four traditional elements are considered apart of the most respected techniques to define the marketing mix, and they help regulate value for a customer.

• Product- The product is what the customer wants and figuring out the need for that particular product to serve. When dealing with the product other information such as the other uses that the product can be used for i.e., will it have insurance, does installation come with the product, what colors will the product be offered in? For…

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