Marketing Strategies For New Customers With Open Arms Essay

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Every SaaS has a make or break you moment. And it’s called customer onboarding.

How your team onboards new customers will determine whether you retain them or they decide to churn out.

Lincoln Murphy, Chief Customer Evangelist at Gainsight, states, “The first in-app experience your customer has with your product sets the tone for your relationship, and if it’s confusing, overwhelming, or otherwise puts up barriers to achieving success (or at least recognizing the value potential in your product), you’re in trouble.”

If you want your SaaS to maximize its growth, focus on spotting issues in your onboarding process. Here are seven strategies to get you started:

1. Personalized Welcome
Similar to offline engagement, a greeting is the best way to initiate interaction with new someone. It’s no different online. Welcome your customers with open arms.

Think of very beginning of onboarding like a live event. You may have a registration table, swag bags, and even a person designated to greet the individual.

Create a similar process online. Make it easy for customers to login into their accounts. Offer bonus material, like eBooks or extra integrations, to help them get started. And actually welcome the person to your brand.

Experian reports that “emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.”

Moreover, personalize the welcome message. Use the customer’s name or mention their particular company.

Below is an example email from CoSchedule.…

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