Marketing Mix Essay

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Marketing Mix
MKT 421

Tyson Foods promotes several different types of food in the food chain industry. They are ranked 96 in the Fortune 500 in America’s largest corporations. Tyson’s produced poultry, beef, and pork, as well as providing the previous to several chain stores to use products. From McDonald nuggets to the Subway sandwich, Tyson is one of the largest poultry processing plants in the country. Tyson also distributes bag in bag products to stores which include Sam’s and Wal-Mart stores around the world. Tyson is best known for the appetizers and hot wings. Tyson has become one of the biggest marketers of value added chicken, beef, pork, as well as distributors to retail grocers, food service distributors, and national fast
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Products such as Tyson Chicken Breast Tenderloins can be found in the frozen section in many grocery stores. This product is all natural, and is pre-cooked for convenience. It is always better to try a product when it on sale but Tyson Tenderloins is around four to five dollars for an average box of 5 breaded tenderloins. Tyson has a good marketing mix by publishing coupons which boosts sales of products and aid in the introduction of new products.
The Tyson marketing team is promoting product several different ways to boosts products such as the Grill & Ready or Any’tizers. Along with promoting the products, people can go on-line to the official web-site and get recipes, enter into sweepstakes, or watch video commercials. Tyson will also promote the new products available on the website along with cooking tips of the month and options to ask question and get answers from the experts. Some examples of promotions that Tyson has offered, give people chances to win prizes such as Home Entertainment Systems and maybe even a Ford Explorer. The promotional deals Tyson offers can be seen on the official web-sites, surfing the web, and even on FB and Twitter. Previous promotional deals have reached as far as sponsoring Nascar events and the Olympics to the America’s Junior Miss Pageant. Sponsoring events to promote Tyson products is reaching out to beyond the common household. This

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