Marketing Is A Tool And Communicate With Customers Essays

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Marketing is a tool to communicate with customers. In an effort to maximize effectiveness of this communication, we should identify the market we are addressing, the mission of the communication, what message we wish to convey, which media vehicles will be used to send the message, how much money will be needed, and how the impact will be measured afterwards. Collectively the market, mission, message, media, money and measurement are referred to as the 6 M’s. Identifying our market is crucial because it allows us to determine how far our reach will extend. There are tons of options here. First we must specify our geographic scope. We could choose to market locally, statewide, coastally, nationally, or even internationally.
Our vision of this project is to corner the market of our neighboring states: Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon, and Utah. All of these states have grown vastly over the last few years. We have chosen this market, for budgetary and convenience factors. We would want to focus on the major cities of our neighboring states. All of their major cities are so diverse that Las Vegas will easily be able to relate to all wedding options.
Idaho is the least populated state with its largest city rounding out to roughly 214,000 in population - Boise. The Boise Valley demographics of 20 - 50 year olds consists of approximately 38 percent of the population. Any engaged couples traveling from Idaho to Las Vegas, Nevada would take about 10 hours of drive time or…

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