Social Media Marketing

The challenges that many companies have is how to market and advertise their service and product. Social media marketing is seen by many experts as the new ground for marketing that include Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn (Moorman, 2014). Everyday information and knowledge is shared in real time in different social media sites. Research says that the idea of integrated marketing communication (IMC) is to create consistency and interaction by combining marketing communication elements so that they support and enhance each other as well as to promote potential communication understandings (Duncan & Everett, 1993).
Social media is a group of internet based applications that is built on the ethical and technological
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The owners of businesses have to be honest and up front about whether their business or brand is compatible and ready to embrace social media and its potential. Once a decision has been made to integrate social media into an existing marketing campaign, the business owner can engage in a conversation with customers while being comfortable in receiving negative comments and feedback. Next, once a target audience has been established, this will give a good insight into the type of social activity that might be suitable to reach this audience. The goal of the marketing campaign is to reach the largest targeted audience possible (Cadotte, 2003). The Marketplace Simulation for this quarter involves crafting a marketing and advertising strategy to secure market shares. ADASA Cloud, Team A has selected three brands to market which are the Workhorse, the Mercedes, and the Traveler brands. The Workhorse segment is the most popular segment of computer and will be the highest marketed. The Mercedes is a high performance computer catering to the needs of executives and is high priced. The last segment is the Traveler segment which is a practical computer targeting consumers who travel frequently. Each of these segments targets …show more content…
Magazines such as business magazines and newspapers can reach the target market for each segment as well. It will be necessary to research each target market for each individual segment to provide differentiation among the different products. Advertising each segment in the appropriate magazines and journals will be necessary for success. Included in each of these traditional advertisements will be a social media logo indicating which social media avenue each segment is targeting. Consumers can visit that particular social media to obtain valuable information on the segment. The social media link will also provide event advertising such as upcoming sales and current rebate offers that can be used as incentives to entice consumers. Providing the specialized and differentiated marketing for each segment will ensure that the specific target market for each segment is reached to the fullest

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