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Organisational Overview
Pet World is a medium sized pet store in a busy suburban retail area. Located in an upper-middle class suburb of Paddington, Brisbane; the store location has excellent exposure to pedestrian traffic and the area has plenty of parking available for customers. The business has been operating for 5 years in the same location and has established a good reputation with the local and surrounding suburbs. There are no other retail pet stores in the retail strip; however, there are 3 other pet stores within a 10 km radius, two of which have been operating for longer than 5 years.
Market Overview
Pet World specialises in providing popular breeds of dogs and cats, from purebred to designer breeds. The target market is
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Penetrate a new market segment
3. Broaden its product mix
The store is a medium size retail space; the layout has opportunity for improvement to provide additional space for the addition of a new product or service. Research has been completed and two viable opportunities have been identified that could use the space and realise the marketing objectives:
a) Introduce a new market segment of pets i.e. birds, fish or reptiles
b) Offer a Clipping / Grooming service to existing customers
Based on the current market Pet World is operating in, the clipping and grooming service provides an immediate opportunity to offer a new product in an existing market. Pet World will penetrate a new market segment in an accessible market by marketing to their existing base of loyalty card customers. The clipping and grooming segment provides a broad range of products and services for customers, a recent study by the Animal Health Alliance estimated pet clipping a grooming to be worth $305 million per year. The average spend per household in Australia is $100 per year. Similar to consumable products; this market segment offers sustainability through frequent repeat business.
Pet World has a loyalty card customer base of 4000 customers; they forecast that 10% of this customer base will access the new service per year. Revenue expectations are that 80% ($40,000) of the revenue increase will be generated from the existing customer base with

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