Many People Value Different Things Essay

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Many people value different things in life. I have things I value, which have a special meaning to me. Not everyone understands what it is like to truly value something, because what one value another individual may have a different view of the value. In this world it is good to value something much more than money, cars, and clothes. Indeed, the things I value are what I live by on a daily basis, accepting life how it is, and growing to become a better me. The things I value are myself, family , and life.
Not every young woman my age truly understands what it is like to value herself positively, but I believe a young woman having a strong mind, a positive perspective of herself, and loving herself for who she truly is, are some things a young woman should value in herself. Having a strong mind is a gift I love about myself, because I believe the decisons I make are all shaping me into the woman I would soon become. For example, Although I am being offered many different credit cards, I know to only accept the one with the lowest interest rates so I can build my credit, while not have to owe double the money I spent, and also still have fun and do the things I love like shopping. I like how I go about certain things, not wanting other people to do the work for me, but instead putting my mind to whatever it is and achieving it. I look onto myself as if I was a queen, because I view the way God made me as different, and unique. I try not to degrade myself to be something I was…

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