Importance And Importance Of Research Essay

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Everybody who is at their educational age like a student, a teacher or an-yone who have some kind of job involve in the education field and busi-ness will heard this phrase quite frequently: “evidence-based practice” or “according to the research.” Seems like all the tacit knowledge come from research and research-based. But what does it actually mean? And what are the effect of research to invidual. In the following essay, I will talk about the role and importance of research in my professional growth.

2 Definition and type of research

In today world, mostly every field of business and education require rele-vant information and accurate data in order to finish their tasks. And the only way to get these things is doing some researches. Also,
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First of all, research gives us precious experience. As a saying goes: “practice makes perfect”, different kind of research suggests us various ways of finding information. As a result, we become more flexibility when facing with problems. Secondly, doing lots of research can give us knowledge in an unconscious way. That is when we do a research; we have to look for the right information and then we have to organize and analyze them in the right order. And when that process is happening, we are unconsciously study these material without any effort. We can also say that research help to widen our horizons. Thirdly, research can also be used to act as a tool to verify old knowledge that you have learnt before. Moreover, the more you face with research, the more up to date you are; we usually have to do some kind of research when there is a new thing appears. And in order to do the research, we have to read a lot about the new on the newspaper or online sources. When people doing it every day, it becomes a good habit, student gradually has the right method to study; businessman can enhance their soft skill, communication skill by asking and having interview with …show more content…
University life is full of knowledge and information that you would have to work with, so that you have to get familiar with a lot of professional development throughout your study, and of course, doing re-search is one of the most important parts in these things. As far as I am concerned, up to now, I have had a lot of information search tasks to do and lots of research to undertake. Research somehow has become an in-dispensable part of me. It is an essential tool that we have to use when writing an essay, thesis and dissertation. For which reason, research plays an important role in our professional growth. What is even more fascinat-ing is that without research, we can never know which is true or not be-cause sometimes our human being just simply accept what already been told. A precious example is the story in the article of Ericsson, Prietula and Cokeley: The Making of an Expert, published in the Harvard Business Review. The two Hungary guys, László and Klara Polgár, they decided to go against the admitted assumption that woman cannot beat men in chess. So they homeschooled their daughter and taught them how to play chess since her first day. Their work had been paid off when Judit, Pol-gár’s daughter become one of the world’s top players and has defeated almost all the best male players. As you can see, this is

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