Pros And Cons Of Conducting Applied Research

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Research Methods Midterm Exam
Guadalupe M. Flores
Fullerton College

If Behavioral scientists start conducting applied research only, it will concentrate on finding a specific solution. The pro about this is that budget will be more available for scientists using applied research if they stop conducting basic research studies. Basic research studies are done based on curiosity in science but the results do not have immediate application in real world. With this in mind, getting rid of basic research studies will have an increase of budget just for applied research. It can lead to an increase of engagement and concentration on real life problems. As a result, there will be an increase of solutions that can be applied immediately.
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Basic research is not just research based on curiosity but they sometimes help develop solutions. If scientist were only allowed to conduct applicable research than basic research would soon be out of interest and budgets for this research will be cut. This is a problem because basic research has a huge impact in applied research. Although, it might take years for scientists to use the basic research findings, they become useful in the future as new problems arise and that information becomes relevant. Therefore, applied and basic research is equally necessary and important for Behavioral scientists to conduct.
The problem with people believing what the mass media, government officials, religious figures, and professors say is that it goes against the scientific approach. Their statements are bias, based on their own opinions, therefore, it lacks real evidence.. This information is not resourceful because it is being taught, shared, and written based on the person’s own perspective and
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Primary sources are useful for empirical research because the information has not been manipulated so you get the original context of data. It is also written in a first hand experience or observation. Primary resources have precise detail of the data, reports, and methodology that will help you in your research. Peer-reviewed journals are important sources for research because they hold high credibility. The information in these journals are formatted in a specific way. The methods use in the research has to be clearly explained and described. In addition, every resource that was used in this study must be referenced in this

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