All Night Long Essay

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Attending college is stressful enough without a job in the picture, adding a job to the frame brings stress that can become unmanageable. Any job can become stressful during college if students do not learn how to manage their time, but night shifts are the ones that impact a student the most. The students working night shifts have the responsibility of arriving at the job and completing their hours as well as attending classes the morning after their night shifts. Why do they have to take the nights shifts? Well according to the article, Manual Labor, All Night Long: The Reality of Paying for College, written by Alana Semuels, programs offer the jobs to the students as an opportunity to pay for college. If the student is able to work the night shifts and is able to keep their grades at an average C, then the program pays for their college tuition. The programs know that students will find it hard to decline such offer, seeing that the …show more content…
Grade droppings not only occur by sleep deprivation, but also from not turning in work on time because to much time is taken from a student’s hands. However, sleep deprivation does have a big impact on it, the author of the article states that “students who slept for nine hours a night or more had much higher GPAs than those who slept for fewer than six hours a night” (Par. 15). The recommended nine hours of sleep is important to keep up with, especially when you want to be able to concentrate in class. A student excels in class when they have their mind clear and fully attentive. Working several hours a day and then going to class without the encouraged nine hours of sleep a night can affect the academic performance of a student. A student must have academic integrity to be able to manage their time well enough to succeed in school work while losing several hours of

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