Forever 21 Marketing

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The mobile phones have been in existence since 1983. They served as a gadget to communicate with other people, access the World Wide Web, etc. As mobile devices dominate the consumer marketplace, it becomes increasingly important to target mobile users appropriately by understanding their attitudes toward mobile marketing (De Marez, Vyncke, & De Moor, 2007). After 10 years of developing, the first hand-held cellphone, at 1983, Dr. Martin Cooper and Motorola was able to release the first hand-held phone in the public. As more years came by, at 1989, Motorola had released its flipping mobile phone. On 1993, text messaging is introduced. On 2002, the smartphones and camera phones were released. At 2007, Apple releases its first iPhone, which is …show more content…
Forever 21 is originally called Fashion 21. They began on April 21, 1984 at Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, California. With Chang’s success, he planned to open new stores every six months. During 1989, they opened its 11th store which is the first one located in a mall and since then it has been opening in major malls nationwide. At the year of 1995, they opened their first store outside California then reached 40 stores by 1997 and expanded throughout the United States. In 2001, they rapidly expanding nationally and since 2002, they ranked as one of the 50 largest companies in Los Angeles. In 2005, they were working over 355 locations. In 2008, new more stores open each year. In 2006, they opened its new store in Pasadena, California, which is it proves that bigger really is better. Forever 21 caters female, male and kids clothing. …show more content…
Their mobile application lets you browse different looks created by top stylist that features Forever 21 clothes and intagram photos tagged #F21XME by their customers, scans the bar code of the product for you to know the information about it, locates the nearest store closest you, gives information about the product and updates about the brand, and of course, you can directly shop from it.
The similarities of the three mobile applications of Zara, Mango and Forever 21 are that they have the same lookbooks that caters fashion outfits and ideas to their customers, scans the bar code of the product for you to know the information about it, and lets you shop from it. Their differences is that Zara posts their campaign videos and customers can watch it while Mango has a wishlist and lets you open your Mango account into you devices while Forever 21 lets you browse picture tagged #F21XME by their

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