Zara Fashion System Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Fast fashion system mainly contains two components that make it superior from other systems. One component is short production and distribution lead times, which helps match supply and demand so eventually minimize the gap between them. Another component is highly fashionable design capabilities that enhance the desires of consumers and increase sales (Cachon and Swinney, 2010). As a fast growing fast fashion brand, Zara is “the most innovative and devastating retailer in the word”, called by the luxury goods maker LVMH’s fashion director (Gallaugher, 2008). I will use Zara as a case to inspect fast fashion’s remarkable innovation for the whole fashion …show more content…
Compare to standard fashion retailers that requires seven to nine months to finish the production cycle from design to finished work, Zara could finish in six to ten weeks (Frazier, 6-6). “An entirely new Zara garment takes about five weeks from design to delivery; a new version of an existing model can be in the shops within two week (Rios & Maria, Jose)”. To achieve this accomplishment, Zara not only uses fast fashion system that would produce updated designs and bring them to customers with short processing time, but also uses lean system for its manufacturing. Lean system is an operational system, which redesigns the structure of production, helps processing to meet new and ever-changing business goals (Tait). By using lean system, the manufacturing time will be reduced; production methods will be improved with minimum waste areas. Lean system could help Zara look for different locations that conduct shipping time and money consumption. That’s the reason why Zara does not like other retailers that alleviate the cost of production by outsourcing to Asia, but actually produce its majority designs in European and North African factories. Some waste areas like “transportation, delay, over processing, overproduction, and knowledge disconnect can be avoided after applying lean system for the manufacturing” (Tait). After reducing cost of production by lean system, Zara could get the advantage of the time consumption, and bring up new production to consumers before other

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