Managing Labor Personnel For The Growth And Development Of An Organization

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7.0 Managing labor Personnel for the growth and Development of an Organization 7.1 Labor participation in Management
According to Michael Czinkota, the role of a worker has been changing from the job undertaken to the terms of participation in the process of decision making.
In the need for improvement of employees decision making processes new methods have developed such as self-management, work councils, minority board membership and co-determination.
In addition, there have been efforts made to improve the workers quality of life, initiation of programs and a re-organization of quality circles and workflow in the businesses.
Employees participation in decision making and their quality of life are the main areas management focus on to ensure great employee satisfaction. 7.1.1 Labor participation in decision making
According to Michael Czinkota, the rights of information, consultation and co-determination occur in three levels.
These levels are direct involvement such as right to consult before transfers, management level which includes representatives and the board level in which employees have membership in the board.
The self –management system was mainly done through worker’s councils which made all major decisions such as choice of managing director and supervisory board.
The countries that use this form of representation include Austria, Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland.
In co-determination the workers are represented in the…

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