Correlation Of Understaffing And Patient Safety

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Correlation of Understaffing and Patient Safety
Based on the research proposal discussed in the previous section, highlighting the issue amongst competition and other firms in the same industry can exploit the serious nature of the problem. With the Nursing staff at a minimum, patient care is depleting at a rapid pace. The nurse to patient ratio should be at a sufficient level to where the patient is getting optimal care and the nurse is not struggling to do his or her job adequately.The drain on nursing moral and physical exhaustion stems from being overworked and relied upon in an irrational manner.
Partaking in a formal strategy to encompass an ample nursing staff to facilitate the demands of patient in need of professional medical attention
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Human Value
As the Nursing Shortage Consortium of South Florida revises the workplace for nurses, the value of human caring is what nursing has been built on (Purnell et al., 2001). To reduce costs some hospitals have decided to limit the length a patient can stay in the hospital, put limitations on the formularies, and steadily increase the nurse to patient ratio thus resolving the problem of understaffing and patient safety (Rothberg, Abraham, Lindenauer, & Rose, 2005). In divulging the issue of understaffing, nurses could be more inclined to turn away from the positions that need to be filled in order to reduce the lack of patient care (Rothberg et al., 2005). The motivating factor to lend more enthusiasm to taking the positions desperately needed to be filled, a course of higher wages may need to be set in motion (Rothberg et al., 2005). In
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The staff are the ones doing the labor, and will most likely have a better idea on the work flow aspects.
In the case of short staffing in the nursing field, the direct correlation in respect to patient care is diminishing. It would be advised to give the customers, in this case the patients, what they want or need to recuperate in order to triumph in superior responsiveness (Hill et al., 2013).
With strong leadership, focus, and dedication through staff members, meeting that benchmark can be accomplished (Hill et al., 2013).In a hospital setting, meeting the needs of the customers or patients is a goal that every facility strives to succeed. If and when a patient is dissatisfied by the care they are receiving then the firm has failed to reach its goal. Making changes in the organizational strategies and implementing new operations can modify the areas that are effecting the care patients receive. Problems that stem from staffing issues new to be addressed as the support team for patient care can only preform to the best of their ability before exacerbating an already weakened

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