Mama Mouse Short Story

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The children were having so much fun playing in the yard after dinner. Mama Mouse and her children were watching from the edge of the garden. Mama Mouse warned the younger mice not to get too close because it was not safe yet. Soon the children would go in for the evening and the mice would explore.
There was an empty bag of cookies on the ground nearby and the little mice just had to see if there were any goodies inside.

The mother called for the children to come in and get ready for bed. The mice waited patiently for the children to leave. It was so hard to wait. Mama Mouse didn't see Willie or Mattie quietly creep over to peer into the discarded bag of cookies. The inside of the bag was all sticky, but way down at the bottom there was a cookie. Mattie couldn't resist the tasty snack so she quickly crawled into the bag to fetch the treat to share with her brother. At the same time the children's mother started to pick up some of the toys left around the yard. Before she realized it, the mother had picked up the cookie bag with Mattie still inside.
Willie Mouse didn't know what to do, so he ran to tell Mama Mouse. They both watched helplessly as the mother took the toys and bag of cookies into the house and closed the door for the night.
Inside the house, the mother told the children to go get ready for bed while she tidied
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She lived in the garden next to the compost pile. Mama had told her stories about the house. She had told her tales of the house where she once lived when she was young. There were stories about rooms that were full of food. She said that the children dropped crumbs under their chairs and that there was always food to eat. There were cracks near the floor where mice would hide and build their nests in the wall. Then she would scare us with stories about cats and something called a mouse trap that sounded really scary. The little mice thought she was trying to scare them by making up a story like

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