Jaelee's Child Observation

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For my fifth observation of Jaelee, I was observing to see if she can use three-to-four word sentences to express herself. When I got to Jaelee’s classroom, the children were getting ready for snack time. Jaelee came over and gave me a big hug. When I asked her how she was doing, she did not respond and just looked up at me with a smile. She was practicing writing her E’s and told me “I write them all of these” while pointing to the paper. When it was time for her to go wash her hands, so she can get ready to eat her snack, she was not happy. She sat down at the table with a frown on her face, and said “I don’t want carrots”. Her teacher said that was fine and that she did not have to eat the carrots. Then Jaelee asked her teacher “are you …show more content…
She said “I love it, I love it” she said her favorite characters in the movie are disgust, anger and joy. I have not watched the movie but heard it is about emotions inside a child’s head that a young child would experience. She said she really likes the character disgust because she is pretty. After Jaelee had her snack, she joined the rest of the children on the rug for circle time. They listened to a song and did an activity, where they were screaming a girl was screaming very loud next to Jaelee, she had her fingers in her ear and looked over at the other girl and said “that hurt my ears”.
Before the children were getting ready to go play outside, the Ms. Reta was giving out candy to the children that took a nap. She asked who wants candy, Jaelee shouted out “me, I want candy” so she went and sat down waiting to get her candy. Jaelee came up to me, and gave me some candy she said “here PJ this is a strawberry one”. She sat inside and ate her candy; while she was eating, she was having a conversation with another girl about the candy. Jaelee said to the other girl “I found a vanilla one and a strawberry one”. She also said “the strawberry is her

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