Personal Narrative: Cinderella

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Two Princesses We are just two princess, sitting in our circular castle. Today I am Belle, but tomorrow I will be Cinderella. Annabelle was Jasmin today, but tomorrow will be Belle. Jasmin is her favorite and Belle is mine. I like that Belle is smart and she has long brown hair like me. Our fantasy starts to build and we transform into princesses.
Ms. Cohen bursts through our castle walls and yells, ¨Dinner!” Our fantasy crumbles and we go eat the Kraft mac and cheese that had secretly been on both of our minds. We normally just eat cheese slices after school at Annabelle's house but today felt different.
¨Can we please have a sleepover?¨ we begged.
¨Not today. Maybe tomorrow¨ said Ms. Cohen. She often said this to us. Out of all the times
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Maybe it was so they could get more money¨ I always knew there was a deeper meaning to that. Annabelle's dad has never been happy with his job in Seattle, so I dropped the subject. After school that day I went over to Annabelle´s house again. We ran straight into her circular castle. I grab the Cinderella dress and she grabs the Belle dress. Her mom has laid out a note in the place where she normally lays out the slices of cheese. The note says, ¨Annabelle, come into the house. Daddy has some news. I know we talked about it last night, but we have made our final decision. Madison, your mom is coming to pick you up in about 10 minutes. Love, Mommy/Ms. Cohen.¨
¨We can’t play a full game of princess in 10 minutes!¨ Annabelle whinned frustratedly.
¨I know!¨ I whinned back. We took off our princess dresses just as my mom pulled up in her driveway.
¨Goodbye! Thanks for having me! See you tomorrow!¨ I yelled from the car princess waving towards Annabelle.
¨Goodbye! Thanks for coming! See you tomorrow!¨ She yelled and princess waving back, just like everyday before.
¨Do you know why I picked you up so early?¨ My mom asked me.
¨No. Do you know why?¨ I asked back with wide, trusting, puppy dog eyes. This was the only way I could get my mom to tell me the truth about serious or uncomfortable topics when I was

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