Essay Making Alternative Solutions And Implementation Strategy

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This is case is all about dealing with different personalities in an organization especially with New boss. It emphasizes the fact that some people are resistant when it comes to change and reluctant to integrate technology to improve the organization. In this case study, we will learn about Sam Nolan who is efficient and hard working individual and is the Chief Information Officer at Century Medical. He created a system that will help the organization save time and money. Additionally, Tom Carr, the successor of Sandra Ivey as the Executive Vice President of Century Medical. This paper will define the problem, analyze causes of the problem, make alternative solutions and implementation strategy to create a better understanding the view point of this Case study.
For past few years, Century Medical, a large medical products company based in Connecticut developed a new technology that had made significant progress in their company. Sam Nolan, the Chief Information Officer of Century Medical dedicated his time on this project and has led many successful changes that benefitted the company especially within the HR department. When Nolan presented his ideas to Executive Vice President Sandra Ivey, she was enthused by the plan and even authorized to proceed with the web-based job- posting. However, six months later Ivey resigned and everything began to change. Her successor, Tom Carr, blatantly expressed his negative thoughts about Nolan’s project that he…

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