MBA Statement

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After years in the workforce, I , Amber Kirtley, have realized that a bachelor’s degree is commonplace and the equivalent now to what a high school diploma used to be. I am applying to the Bethel University MBA program to set myself above the rest, live up to my potential, and be as constructive and productive in society as possible. Obtaining my MBA is an investment I am now ready to acquire in my next step towards my doctorate. I started college at the ripe age of sixteen, knowing that my education and future were and still are that important. Along the way, in my youth, I allowed myself to become side-tracked and fell sick with mono during my studies. When I fell sick, I did not know what was wrong and ended up in the hospital after battling the illness for a good portion of a semester. I did not notify the school or my teachers and at the time it was nearing the end of the semester. I received some failing grades and although I tried appealing the decision, I was unsuccessful. I learned from my mistakes and spent the rest of my undergraduate studies trying to correct this slip in grade point average from my early collegiate years. I have always had the goal of obtaining my …show more content…
People are a company or schools best asset. This is why I am applying to obtain my master’s in human resources, to learn how to master the balance in hiring the right person for the right position and teaching others to do the same while following the laws of employment. I will continue to pursue educating myself and others every day of my life. Learning is a life-long process. I am applying to this program in pursuit of furthering my goals and look forward to proving my abilities, talents, and desires for knowledge and

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