Love For The Game Essay

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For the Love of the Game The Sikeston High School soccer team is a community within itself. Soccer is a way for the boys to make memories, have fun, and learn valuable aspects of everyday life. There is an indescribable connection between the coaches, players, and parents. The soccer boys volunteer all their time and effort into being the best team possible. The coaches volunteer their time to help prepare the boys for their games and the parents volunteer their time to make a strong support system for the boys during and after the games. The most important aspect of this community is their dedication and of course, the love for the game. The high school soccer field consists of two goals, a halfway line, a touchline following the perimeter …show more content…
They realized they weren 't just doing the agility drills to have sweat running out of their pores for hours. They were doing all this for a common purpose, for their love of the game, for the memories shared with their closet friends, and for the big win. These boys have an indescribable bond and love for not only soccer but also their team mates, and their support system. Without the roaring crowd during their games, they would not have as much confidence and determination to win. Every individual player on the team makes a remarkable difference. These boys would not be the same if they didn 't have each other to rely on. These boys are all gathered with common goals, to win the games and become the best version of themselves possible. With the endless hours of practice comes, dedication, motivation, and everything it takes to become a team and not a one person party. The soccer boys truly are a community within theirselves. It’s almost like they are a little family, always relying on one another for support, motivation, and direction. Sikeston High School soccer boys are all united under one common purpose, for the love of the game. They play their heart out every single game and manage to have fun and create lasting memories while doing it. The Sikeston High School soccer team is a tight knit community within theirselves. There is an unbreakable bond between the coaches, players, and crowd that makes this team such an incredible discourse community. The soccer boys, coaches, and support system volunteered all their time and effort into being the best team possible and it finally paid

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