What Are The Benefits Of Middle School Sports Persuasive Essay

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Have you ever been in the situation where you just entered middle school but there is no soccer team? Even though you really want to play soccer there is just no way you can, homework takes too much time and there will be no time left for soccer. That is the average life of a middle school soccer player. A topic that is often debated is whether middle schools should have a soccer team. Some people say that middle schools already have so many sports and have to spend so much money on them that soccer will be another giant boatload of money to spend. Although, other people say that soccer should be a middle school sport because soccer helps you stay healthy and fit, helps people who are financially struggling have a shot at playing soccer, as well as not having many physical requirements.

Instead of sitting on the couch at home, getting out and playing soccer is a much healthier and a more entertaining alternative. It helps you stay in shape while enhancing your skills. One piece of evidence comes from LiveStrong and talks about how soccer helps middle school athletes stay fit. The fitness coach
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First of all, playing on a club soccer team can get really expensive. According to Trottier RamPages, “Most club teams are over $1,000. This shows that the fees pile up, and some people just can’t afford it because it is too expensive. Second of all, having a middle school soccer team does have some money that needs to be put into it but very little. The taxes that we pay for the school and our town will cover most of what we need to start the soccer team. Also, a middle school team offers another opportunity to play soccer with little cost for families.” Although school sports are not as expensive, club sports can provide competition and other skills. School sports, although not as competitive, provided many other benefits one of them being they are cheaper than club sports. This is why school sports are cheaper than club

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