Looking At The End Of A Class Essay

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I believe that my writing and analysis are where they need to be for me, I say that only because I am not going to be a professional writer, I am more than adequate for the career I am pursuing. I often have a hard time being critical of myself, seems that the time for self analysis is here and I am perturbed by the idea of examining myself at the end of a class. I have a hard time with it because whatever I feel like I say is subjective, I believe that I have done a good job in the class and deserve to pass. I also believe that I am skilled enough at writing and analyzing to qualify me for the world outside of college.
Moreover, looking at myself in the mirror and seeing how far I have come throughout the course of my life is something entirely different. I can see the positive changes in the way that I write and read on a critical level from when I left high school until now. I have learned for the most part how to write the various ways that I need to, from critical thinking, business writing, academic and scientific all use a different forms of written and analytical methods to communicate within their respective fields. I may not know how to expertly navigate the waters of academia, the trenches of the business world or the lucid nightmare of scientific articles, but if I have to communicate with someone in that way, I will make sure that the information I am talking about is in a language they can understand. I believe that one of the largest areas for improvement…

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