Life Is Beautiful By Robert Benigni Essay

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After reading the novel Night by Elie Wiesel, picturing the stages of the Jewish repression, starting with the new laws and then being relocated to the ghettos and eventually being at Buchenwald. To read first hand about the relationships formed and lost through the experience was eye opening. Watching the film “ Life is Beautiful” directed by Robert Benigni, we see what hope and strong will can do to keep one going surrounding the imaginative story created by a father to protect his son. The two stories have similar conflicts, plots and father and son relationships. Between Eliezer and Shlomo, Guido and Joshua, the stories, both depict the horrors of the Holocaust and the processes in which they persevered through to stay alive as long as possible in the concentration camps.
In Night, Eliezer and his father, Shlomo go through a transition from the father making the decisions to the son choosing the path they will take. Shlomo was always protecting Eliezer, but there isn’t much he could do when the paths in front of him were unknown or when he got sick. There were instances from the novel that Eliezer added information he learned after he was liberated when he realized that they made the right or wrong decision. Specifically from the text, Eliezer and his father decided to leave with the rest of the camp and not stay at the hospital where Eliezer was healing from spunk in his foot. “After the war, I learned the fate of those who had remained at the infirmary. They were,…

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